Frequently Asked Questions

😋 WOW! This tastes amazing. How'd you do this without all the carbs and sugar?

We spent over a year working through hundreds of formulations in a quest to create the perfect brownie without the junk. We eventually figured out a way to include all of the good stuff you want—like protein and healthy fats—without any of the bad stuff you don't.

🤔 Does this really turn into a brownie in just 30 seconds?

Great question! It absolutely does. Just scoop however many servings of Brownie Butter that you want into a microwave-safe mug or bowl, and turn it on! I personally like a more gooey brownie, so I'll scoop a little extra and microwave for a little less time 😋

😍 What is a "100% Happiness Guarantee"?

If you're not completely in love with your Brownie Butter, we'll refund your order in full. (but trust me... you're going to love it!)

🎄 Is this keto-friendly?

Yes. Brownie Butter is perfect for anyone on a ketogenic or low carb diet. Each serving has just 3g net carbs, and 9g healthy fats from cashews and safflower oil.

In fact, one of the reasons I created this in the first place is that we couldn't find a healthy dessert to fit into my low carb lifestyles, and I missed the warm, gooey taste of a fresh brownie out of the oven more than anything else.

🍩 Should I be afraid of getting addicted?

Haha! Great question. This is the founder of Brownie Butter typing and to tell you the truth, I'm totally addicted! It's soooo good. But I made sure to formualte a product that has the right nutrients and the lowest amount of calories possible with the highest amount of protein... so don't worry if you eat a little extra every day. I personally eat a jar a day!

🥄 What does Brownie Butter taste like?

The BEST way to describe Brownie Butter is that it tastes just like when you lick the bowl clean after mixing brownies and baking them in the oven. As a child I would always bake with my Mom, and I LOVED licking the bowl clean with a spoon after mixing up all of the ingredients in those high sugar, carb loaded pre-made brownie mixes. So with Brownie Butter... my mission was to recreate that taste without all the junk.

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